Wild, Sweet Wild!

Having two kids and regularly watching cartoons make me speaking like Shrek and Marty, lol. Indeed, today I myself experienced how wild nature looks like and it was sweet! But I was glad to back home before dusk :)
Taking pictures takes much time and considering the fact that the aim of the trip was picking mushrooms and my dad was firmly committed to it, I took them in a hurry, so there are not very many of them. Still I'll try to share the beauty and atmosphere of wild Ukraine with you.


Photo of the Day: Lazy Lizard

I made a shot of this one in my parents' vegetable garden. Frankly speaking, there are very many of them! It's possible to see three at a time, especially in the evening when they are basking in the sun rays.


Photo of the Day: Blue Sky

Well, I'm now living a sedentary life at my parents' house. It's only for summer period. Every new day is like the previous one with little differences. Oh, I'm not complaining as you may assume, what I am trying to say is that there are actually not so many places I visit and due to extremely hot weather the beach is the most popular. That's the reason there are so many photos of the beach now in my blog: one, two, three, four. Hope you are not bored yet as there is another one. Beach again, and clouds.


Photo of the Day: Sunset

Do you remember those trees? Yeah, I definitely have passion for sunsets.
No hdr or photo shop applied, the photo is as it is. I simply don't know how to do that, lol) What I had was a camera and a right moment.

Have a nice Sunday!


Photo of the Day: Kitesurfing

Today is just the weather for kitesurfing - extremely windy! Hope wind won't fade soon as regatta starts tomorrow.


Photo of the Day - Sunset on the Beach

It seems some lovely pictures are taken spontaneously. This one for sure. Today's evening was great.

P.S. Do you remember this landscape? The same as here. Hope you are not bored with it, 'cause I'll stay here for two more weeks. Stay tuned for more photos!


The Kingdom of Far, Far Away, Donkey. That's Where I went :)

Actually, it would be more correctly to say "deep, deep in god-forsaken hole":-) The hole was a really far away place but the nature is awesome there. I doubt there are tourist who would like to visit Ukraine for the sake of admiring such parts of it unless you know my father for whom winding, steep semblance of a road is not an obstacle at all. See more photos and the map below.