Ukrainian Ethnic Village

There is hardly a better way to feel Ukrainian ethnic atmosphere and comprehend its traditions than to immerse yourself in there. I've recently come across this website where everything is so 'Ukrainish '. Never been there but really want to. I think this is the great place to visit for both foreign tourists and local people like me. Will add it to my Must Visit list.

P.S. The best thing about this site is that they have an English version!


Baked Pudding "Delicious Stripes"

It was supposed to be the blog fully! devoted to Ukraine and nothing but my homeland. But it's hard for a very talkative and love-to-share-everything-I-love person like me to be reasonably tenacious of my goal. So nothing could stop me from sharing these photos and recipe of baked pudding with you. If only I had had a camera near by when I baked cherry pie, you would now have enjoyed (hope it's true) two recipes at once.


Euphoria. Coming Soon

Came across this trailer and decided to share it. No translation needed. This is an English version!

Ruslana Lyzhychko is not simply a pop singer in Ukraine and the winner of Eurovision 2004, she is also one of the boldest activists here. I can't stop admiring her courage and creativity! To her last press-conference she came handcuffed supervised by two huge guards. This was her protest against lawlessness of judicial system of Ukraine (by the way, it is really is), which initiated the beginning of her campaign known as "Don't keep silent!"
Anxious to see the full video.


Photo of the Day: It's Dinner Time!

This squirrel was less fearful today, definitely more tame than yesterday. I'm trying  (well, not exactly I but my kids) to enjoy sunny days since they are scarce this season and we prefer to spend them you know now what way - making nuts parties!


Photo of the Day: Go Nuts!

One should be a cruel man to not give this pretty furry thing a nut. My heart melted and I shared what I had in my pockets. This squirrel was a gracious model:


Photo of the Day: Smiling Ostrich

After two days of non-stopping rain (!) I'm getting gloomy just like the weather and I really start believing that autumn with all its merits has a huge drawback that covers them all - rain! Last time it was poisonous but sunny, but now it's wet and rainy. Lack of sunshine made me look through my summer pictures just to make me stumble over this smiling cutie:

Well, it also reminded me that I didn't write about my visit to the ostrich farm. You know now what my next post is going to be about:)


Photo of the Day: Autumn is... Poisonous?

Incredible day it was today! Sunny and hot so that I simply couldn't resist the temptation to wander about the park, which is both beautiful in spring and now when fall is in full glory up here.


"I Want So Much to You" Song by Okean Elzy

Okean Elzy is the most iconic Ukrainian rock band! Love it! It can boast lots of world concert tours, countless number of hit songs and video clips and a great army of fans. I think there is no other greater Ukrainian band.

I don't know what is the popularity index for a song in America, but here when the song is a hit it turns into a ringtone on every second mobile phone just instantly - no exaggeration:) This is what happened with "I want so much to you" song by Okean Elzy after its release.

Enjoy this hit!

For more Ukrainian music see these posts.


Find Ukraine on This Map

When I stumbled over this picture I though it can help to give a bit 'objective' characteristic of Ukraine in terms of its financial situation. Let it be a hint - Ukraine is blue on this map, just like the largest part of Africa, though located in the central part of Europe.
My poor poor country (including the literal sense of this word, too).


Autumn Veggie Soup

"In the garden, Autumn is, indeed the crowning glory of the year, bringing us the fruition of months of thought and care and toil" (Rose G. Kingsley). So it would be a great mistake to not take advantage of the richness of fall. Voila! veggie autumn soup is served!