Baked Pudding "Delicious Stripes"

It was supposed to be the blog fully! devoted to Ukraine and nothing but my homeland. But it's hard for a very talkative and love-to-share-everything-I-love person like me to be reasonably tenacious of my goal. So nothing could stop me from sharing these photos and recipe of baked pudding with you. If only I had had a camera near by when I baked cherry pie, you would now have enjoyed (hope it's true) two recipes at once.

My husband doesn't like pumpkin, he agrees to eat it only when it's tasty and there is not much of it somewhere inside. This baked pudding was the way of putting pumpkin inside or better to say between cotton cheese layers. If your loved ones are too capricious about pumpkin too, it may help I hope.

You'll need:
500 grams of cotton cheese
300 grams of sugar
700 - 900 grams of pumpkin
6 table spoons of semolina
vanilla extract and raisins to your liking

Take a bowl or better your blender to mix cotton cheese, 200 grams of sugar (2/3) and eggs. Add 3 table spoons of semolina and vanilla extract. Put aside.

Hope your pumpkin is pealed and cut into pieces, now boil it till it's cooked, then mash it. Add 100 grams of sugar, 3 table spoons of semolina and raisins if you like them.

Take a baking dish, grease it and put first white layer then orange one. Repeat. Bake 30 minutes at 360-400 F. Bon appetit!

P.S. This is not Ukrainian traditional food, but if you are looking for one you can find it here.

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