Photo of the Day: Yacht

This is where and how I spent my time today: sitting on a sand beach and viewing yachts. Unfortunately it was too windy for a swim.

Wish you to have an easy Friday!


More About the Landscape Alley - Kiev

Ooh, it was a long pause between my previous post and this one. It would seem I went on hiatus for two weeks. Time flies! I wish I had more free time to implement all my projects I have in my head. Yes I do have them as well as a lots of pictures to share with you from my last visits to ostrich farm, lovely park, hippodrome and more. But as I promised here, I'll add more pictures of the Landscape Alley so that tourists looking for nice places to visit in Kiev (there are many of such visitors in this hot time of Euro 2012 football championship) would know more about this place. So how it looks likes when you are walking farther along Velyka Zhytomyrska Street.


EURO 2012 Euphoria. Welcome to Ukraine!

Today is the long-awaited day of EURO 2012 Championship opening. Ta-dah!
10 years ago when I was in Teen Missions camp here in Ukraine, we had the team from America. Cute kids. What surprised me most is that the majority of them thought that Ukraine was a part of Russia, a kind of region or something like that. Most of them seemed heard nothing about Ukraine prior their coming here. What I'm trying to say is that for the last 10 years I think people from abroad realized that Ukraine is a separate independent country, which is now capable of hosting the European Football Championship! It sounds great, so let it be (let the Ukrainians keep the whole truth).