His only passion now is the borscht!

Only today I managed to watch Madagascar 3 movie and I like it! And I think Vitaly must be a Ukrainian as far as his favorite food is the borscht, lol. Mine is too!


Kharkiv Throught the Eyes of a Tourist

Welcome to Kharkiv!
Some words about the city: this is the second largest city of Ukraine after Kiev (Kyiv) with the population numbering around 1.5 million. Local people are very proud of that fact that long ago in a distant past it was a capital of Ukraine. Though now it's not but I think some still believe it is, lol. It's my personal impression, I can't claim it's the right one. Oh, Kharkiv was a host city for UEFA EURO 2012 and judging from a number of signboards which remained after the event, local people are proud of that.


Photo of the Day: the Last Summer Splash

After a very looong hiatus, or vacation, or a break, or... you know what I mean,   I've already managed to grab myself together and write this post or better say share a picture of the sunset. Is that the tradition with me to photo the sky and sunset?

Orangy bronze sunset. Location: Oboznivka village, Kirovograd region.

Honestly, I've visited Kharkiv not so long ago and went to the Eastern part of Ukraine so that I have much to tell you but I need a kick (sorry, an inspiration) to pull my thoughts and ideas in a coherent, involving story. Hope it won't take much time. Promise to write you soon.