A Little Sneak Peek

The day was lovely, absolutely perfect for outdoor adventures. Full of expectations we decided to visit one of the most beautiful parks of Ukraine. Tired right now I'm a bad writer but with a handful strength left I decided to share a couple of pictures as a sneak peek to my next post.


Igor Tamm Monument in Kirovograd: the Opening Ceremony

The opening ceremony of the monument to a Soviet physicist - the name of the event bodes yawn, doesn't it?Add to this a gloomy day, no sun and you realize it's better stay at home. I though the same, but after I forced myself to go there I didn't regret about it at all. It was quite entertaining!


Looks Like Breakfast: Bacon and Eggs (Restyling)

Bacon and eggs is just another name for a 'full breakfast' and as far as I know is a traditional English and Irish food, just like borsch in Ukraine. But in course of time it went far behind the borders of its country and is now liked by many people, including my husband who loves bacon and eggs with all his heart. Well, when cooked often this dish can get boring over time (at least for me to cook it), so today I tried to serve it differently, the way you can see on a picture. Yummy!


Picking Mushrooms: Day 2

To tell the truth, people are very cautious about picking mushrooms as far as there are cases of serious mushroom poisoning. But we are (I mean my family) accurately keeping the main rule: when in doubt go without! This time we were doubtless about the mushrooms we were hunting for since they were porcinos.


Playing Hide & Seek with Mushrooms Day 1

Do you like mushrooms? I do. But it's one way to buy them at a local supermarket and it's quite the other to go to the forest to find some. Fall, sunny and warm as it is this year, is quite the season to spend some time outdoors, so we've decided to spend it you already know where.


Photo of the Day: Willow at Sunset

Sunset makes wonders: it inspires artists and poets, well and humble me to take pictures. Willow was my target, a sad tree how I often nickname it. But it wasn't that sad when seen against evening sun, neither on Vincent van Gogh "Willows at Sunset" painting. So this is my willow for today. Enjoy!


Khutir Nadia: Inside the Museums

This post is the continuation of the previous one so as I've already mentioned (have I?) there are two museums in the park which are quite exciting for visiting even though I'm not a museum monger.
The first one is the house where the master of theatrical art Iwan Karpenko-Kary (Tobilevich) lived, it resembled my grandgranny's house, yes people really lived that way in Ukraine. So here it is:


Photo of the Day: Fall is Coming!

Days are getting shorter, nights are getting colder, the Sun isn't that hot but the leaves are getting colorful! This is just the first splash, more coming soon :)

This picture was taken here.

Khutir Nadia: The State Museum-Reserve Karpenko-Kary (Tobilevich)

Three days ago we had a really GREAT pastime in a lovely park-museum not far from Kirovograd. Once you are in this city in spring/summer/fall, don't omit the opportunity to visit Khutir Nadia. There is a number of reasons for that:


Enjoy Ukrainian Music: Flit Band

Tastes differ but rock is the best music! In case of Flit this is actually punk rock.

As far as I decided to reveal everything about Ukraine, I simply can't omit the music aspect. But this is not going to be the Ukrainian folk music, which can be sometimes boring so I'm afraid lest you snore in the middle of a song. Let me better share what is MY favorite Ukrainian music and I would like to start with one of Ukrainian bands - Flit. The song I love (one of many) is Kolyskova (Lullaby).


Kharkiv Shevchenko Park: Nice Place for Visiting

In my previous post I was walking across the Freedom Square and in this one I'll have a rest in the park (was it really a rest?).

First, it's a nice place for walking and sitting. Even under the burning sun flower-beds look refreshing and bright - I don't know how they do that! There are lots of benches, a fountain, a couple of kid playgrounds separately for toddlers and older children and there are some cafes to suit any pocket, so there shouldn't be a problem where to eat in Kharkiv: