His only passion now is the borscht!

Only today I managed to watch Madagascar 3 movie and I like it! And I think Vitaly must be a Ukrainian as far as his favorite food is the borscht, lol. Mine is too!

If you ever have a chance to come to Ukraine, do eat it!
First, this is a traditional Ukrainian food and while traveling trying local food helps you to be close to the people and country you are in. Second, it is served nearly in every cafe from the fastfood to restaurant and it tastes different, believe my experience. Third, it's so tasty!
Unfortunately, I don't have the picture of borscht cooked and taken by my own so I took this one from this site.

But after watching Madagascar 3 I think it won't take me too long to cook it, so you'll enjoy fresh picture of it soon.

Some words about borscht: it's a kind of red vegetable soup with potatoes, carrots, root beets, beans, cabbage, paprika, tomatoes, meat and herbs. Add some cream and garlic when cooked. Yummy! Am I hungry? It sounds like I'm, haha.

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