Dendropark in Kirovograd: Spring Views

Kirovograd is a small city in the central part of Ukraine. There is about 235 thousands of people, not much actually when compared to Kiev. There is a small river here Ingul, which flows into an affluent, navigable river in Nikolaev (Mykolaiv in Ukrainian). As far as the city is small there are not that many sightseeings to enjoy. Nevertheless if you plan on visiting Kirovograd and staying here for a couple of days or even passing it through, you can consider on this info. Oh, and this is the city I live in :)

One of the most popular place to visit and have a rest is the park which we call here dendropark. Some years ago it was dense forest with few old rides, now this is a fabulous place right in the center of Ukraine with a proud name Kirovograd Dendropark. It's known by their tulips. Lots of them! If to believe the media there are about a half of a million of them, I personally didn't count them of course, but really there are many of them. There are also other spring flowers like daffodils and hyacinths. This is a long alley of sweet and fragrant beauty

There are flowerbeds each consisting of a definite species, if you are not a flower expert and can't blurt out the name of a tulip sort at seeing it at god-knows-how-many meters distance, then you can simply read it on a plate like this 
and see the number of flowers planted on this flowerbed.
Admission is free for all visitors and you can spend there as much time as you wish. In case you are hungry and tired, you can have a rest at a lovely cafe in Kirovograd. They improved it this year and I like it very much. It looks so romantic and appealing outside

 and especially inside
Some more pictures of tulips for you to enjoy

This weird flower is a tulip as well.
There is a map below with my hometown tagged.

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