Kirovograd Park: Leisure and Cultural Center. Let's Focus on Cultural

You had already the chance to enjoy spring views of Kirovograd park, now when nearly all the flowers withered and it will take time for new to bloom and the place seems to be not that attractive, there is still the reason to visit it - there was a handmade fair these weekends!

Frankly speaking in the city like this (I mean small) it was not a large-scale fair but rather a sale though with some master classes as the event implies, but I wasn't lucky to visit them. Yet I have some pictures from the event and I think things like that can be the best Ukrainian souvenirs you can take home as far as they are not made in China but, well, hand made by Ukrainian people. Here are the pictures:

These are clay whistles. They are smooth, pleasant for touching and make lovely sounds. The colored one produces deep sound, while smaller ones like the fish below makes thinner sounds.

There is an embroidered towel underneath - a Ukrainian national symbol which is called Rushnyk - a linen towel with various ornaments on both sides. It is used for decoration but not for wiping hands :)
This girl played tunes so skillfully that we couldn't resist to buy one of her whistles. We've got a dolphin-shaped one, though it takes time to learn to play the tune like this lady did. It cost us $3.

Easter eggs and other stuff. In Ukraine we call Easter eggs Pysanka. It's extremely hard to draw an ornament on an egg shell, I tried myself this year (the result was very poor).

The eggs are real but hollow. Fragile but still true Ukrainian souvenir. And needle holders, a useful thing and a nice complement to colorful eggs.

A hen instead of the Easter bunny.

They are not sweets but handmade soap. Looks lovely, smells fantastic! Of different shapes and color so that you can enjoy your shower time.

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