Photo of the Day: Autumn is... Poisonous?

Incredible day it was today! Sunny and hot so that I simply couldn't resist the temptation to wander about the park, which is both beautiful in spring and now when fall is in full glory up here.

As you see my finding is inedible and there are even more to add:

Aren't they lovely? People were turning heads on seeing me lying on the ground with a camera and taking pictures of toadstools, crazy me. Yet from the ground I turned my head to the sky!

Maples are especially beautiful when they turn yellow! Well, autumn is incredible if it's not sadly rainy and if you have a chance to come to Ukraine on a sunny day in October, it will be a perfect occasion for walking around parks or going sightseeing without being haggard by summer scorching heat.

More pictures from the park:

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