Sofiysky Park in Uman: Walking Around

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After thinking over a heap of excuses for not writing this post a week ago and finding mos of them relevant I at last ready to do what I've promised long before: so, Sofiysky Park.

It is located in Uman, a small town situated in the central part of Ukraine right in the middle of the highway Kiev - Odessa. In case you have a chance to make a stop on your way from Kiev to Odessa, do make it in Uman. It will take you a couple of hours to get plenty of impressions from lovely views.

This is actually the only place of interest in Uman if not to take into account the fact that this is also the center of the Jewish religious movement - Hasidism. Sounds unexpected but once upon a time there lived the Rabbi who was buried at the old Jewish cemetery where now many followers (about 20 thousand this year) come each year to honor his memory.

Not to make you boring with reading all these I'll give you some tips that on my mind can be very helpful when visiting this place:

- take some sandwiches with you, because there is only one little cafe in the park, but there are plenty of places to have a rest and take a bite;
Benches are everywhere.

Lots of them:)

- go there any day except weekends! On weekends there are very VERY many people coming, so that you won't be able to take 'no-human' pictures like these ones
Almost empty of people :)

- this is a nice place to buy Ukrainian souvenirs as they are not that expensive like in Kiev, Odessa or Kharkiv. I bought a fridge magnet that cost me only 6 hryvnas (less than $1) but I liked these cuties:

Overall, we enjoyed our trip to the park and this is frankly speaking my third visit, though this is the first time I visited the Butterfly Pavilion.

Here are more pictures of Sofiysky Park. Enjoy!

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