Horse Snoring, Neighing, Halloping in Abundance at Kirovograd Hippodrome

It was a nice day today - there was the competition for 'Kniazhyi Dvor' (Princely Court) cup. This is the name of the equestrian sport complex in Kirovograd, which is by the way the largest in Ukraine. There are about 40 horses, probably a bit more, don't remember the precise number, of the following horse breeds: English thoroughbred, Ukrainian riding horse, Orlov trotter, Russian and Soviet draft (if you known the difference let me know), Hucul horse, Pinto or Indian pony, Scottish pony and Westfall horse. I could see the best of them jumping over the bars!

The chocolate beauty below is Legion, this and another horse were brought from another city Kryvii Rig to take part in the competition. A rusty boy he is! And stubborn but so beautiful.
 The jockeys were all kids except that man on Legion. The youngest girl was only 4 years old!
Folk ensemble and Romanies were entertaining the public

 The day was sunny and warm, the spirits were high. We rode the horse and patted as many of them as we were allowed to; we were not the target customers but I know they sell the horses so that one could even buy the horse; we were invited to enroll the equestrian school, I'm not sure I will but what I'm certain about is that this is not my last visit to hippodrome.
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