Butterfly Pavilion In Uman, Cherkaska Region

Nearly a week pasted since my sneak peek, sorry for such a long break. Last week we had a chance to go to Sofiyskiy Park in Uman, Cherkaska Region in the central part of Ukraine (in the middle of the way from Kiev to Odessa) and I have some lovely pictures from there. But in this post I would like to tell you about butterfly pavilion we visited there.
Owl Butterfly (Caligo Memnon)

Actually the name 'Pavilion' sounds too blown-up, it was rather a room with flying butterflies. There were not many of them at least alive, owl butterflies were in abundance. Many species were seen under the glass, available for sale, from $10 to $65 per one butterfly:

We were on a tight budget and we are not actually butterfly collectors having a wall in the house covered with dried moths so we simply enjoyed viewing, holding and catching them.
What I also liked are the butterfly pupas. We haven't seen caterpillars there or how they develop into tender beautiful creatures but there were lots of various empty pupas (or a cocoon, capsule, folicie - don't know the right word)  and some new-born butterflies:
To sum up, I liked the exhibition even though it took 15-20 minutes and once I have a chance to visit a big pavilion I'll take it.
Some more pictures here:

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