Photo of the Day: Go Nuts!

One should be a cruel man to not give this pretty furry thing a nut. My heart melted and I shared what I had in my pockets. This squirrel was a gracious model:

I live next to the part and there are many squirrels there but they are very fearful. Though once you take two nuts and start beating them, this turns into a sweet alluring music to squirrel's ears it can't resist to follow. So what you need is a couple of nuts and a camera, and be sure it won't take long for the model to come, haha.

There were other guests on a little feast:

And mushrooms for final. What would autumn be without mushrooms:) I doubt they are eatable, but they are quite pretty any way.
Enjoy last autumn days!

P.S. Not quite the post I promised :) But I'll do it soon.

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